Join The Team

At the time of writing, I am currently working on Atavism solo and I’m looking for keen, motivated people to help me create it. If assets you created end up in the final game, I can guarantee revenue sharing for any profits from this project according to a contractual agreement prior to release.

I’m currently looking for a:

  • 3D artist
  • Rigger/Animator
  • 2D concept artist looking to do a few pieces

Particularly someone who can do both the first two. Bring your friends if they’re also good at this stuff.

If your skills match the above and you would like to work with me over the long term, please provide an application with the following:

  • Your name, age, and, nationality, and favorite color
  • Your Portfolio
  • A fair amount about your skillset and why you want to team up
  • Some information about your experience with work and schooling.
  • A bit about yourself, like your hobbies and tastes

Please provide this information by email on the Contact page. If you seem like a cool, talented person to work with, we’ll talk a little more and hopefully begin working together.